Legal translation M.A. at City University

More information is available on the M.A. /Postgraduate Diploma in legal translation that is to be offered by City University, London.

Some days of class participation will be required, but most of the course will be by distance learning. German>English and English>German options are available, and French, Italian and Spanish are also offered. Individual modules may be taken. The M.A. requires a dissertation as well as the modules. Prices are lower for British and EU applicants.

Here are the eight modules:

# Principles and Practice of Legal Translation
# Terminology and Translation of Contracts
# Translation for Litigation
# Terminology and Translation of Property Documents
# Company and Commercial: Legal Principles and Translation 1
# Company and Commercial: Legal Principles and Translation 2
# Financial Legal Translation
# EU: Legal Principles and Translation

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  2. Yes, the (German) delivery man said he thought it was funny too, because his boss looks like a Big Willy, he said – but I decided not to find out if he knew the real meaning.

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