XBRL Taxonomy of German GAAP / Version 2.0 XBRL HGB-Taxonomie Online

Robin Bonthrone of Fry and Bonthrone announces that the XBRL taxonomy of the accounting principles under the German Commercial Code is now online in the second version in german and English (XBRL, Extensible Business Reporting Language, is a mark-up language based on XML).

This should be a superb resource for translators. Robin recommends opening the German and English versions in different windows.

I have only had a quick look. You can go to this page and open two windows, or download a ZIP file.

9 thoughts on “XBRL Taxonomy of German GAAP / Version 2.0 XBRL HGB-Taxonomie Online

  1. That’s good. Actually, I wasn’t being facetious – I think it might be interesting for me to read. I don’t intend to become one, though. Did you see the table of contents? I had my doubts about the appendix, Fun Facts for the Faithful, which appears to consist of All the Popes.

  2. After my “throw a spanner in the works” act, perhaps I should go into the confessional and admit that I am not a Catholic, never have been and never will be. (As I said, I would by no means agree with Ms. Widdecombe on everything.)
    You’ll find me in the evangelical/pentecostal corner in what we Europeans call a “free church”. Perhaps I should write a companion “for dummies” volume.
    Have fun with your monastery guide!

  3. Perhaps you could enlighten me on your feline reference. Is it theological or culinary? (Sorry, sometimes I’m a bit thick between the ears.)

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