Kauderwelsch language guides / Sprachführer

I am busy at the moment, so here is a quick plug for and reminder of the Kauderwelsch books – choose one of 110 languages for 7.90 euros, and it will tell you how to behave in the country and give you phrases in such a way that you understand the grammatical constructions. So if you know German and want a quick glimpse of one of those languages, this is a good way to get it.

Here’s the publisher, Reise-Know-How-Verlag. And here are the Sprachführer – select a language and have a look.

7 thoughts on “Kauderwelsch language guides / Sprachführer

  1. Wie wird “vollziehen” ausgelegt? Wenn ich den Beischlaff abbreche & nicht “vollziehe” ist das auch eine Straftat? In der FAZ on-line gab es auch einen guten Bericht ueber diesen Fall. Komisch schon – aber das Gesetz ist schon ueberholt…

  2. Margaret, the three-year prison term (two years, actually, in the case of brother and sister,

  3. Thanks for the detail, Christoph. I had assumed that the brother had been given a three-year sentence, which comes from reading too fast.

    Where did the papers get this idea from that there was a connection with 1933, I wonder.

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