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Heutzutage kann man die neuesten Berühmtheiten auf der Richterbank in den USA auch gleich auf youtube schauen.
(Suche: Larry Seidlin)

From the Times Online: Tearful judge tipped for TV stardom after Anna Nicole show

Judge Seidlin, who paid his way through law school by driving a New York cab, is a native of the Bronx. He might have left that neighbourhood but it has certainly not left him.

Barking out pronouncements in his Florida courtroom in the thickest of New York accents, he nicknamed lawyers after their home states: “California, this doesn’t concern you!”; “Houston, I thought you were leaving!” “Texas” caused a stir on Thursday when he collapsed. The judge shouted: “He’s a diabetic. I can tell by his colour.” He offered to buy him some orange juice and fished out his credit card.

Youtube video of week
Tearful ruling

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