Franconian Sausage Co. Ltd. / Fränkische Bratwürste im Vereinigten Königreich

In the Independent, Mark Hix writes on sausages:

I occasionally get comments that the sausages we serve in our restaurants, lovingly created by Jean-Paul Habermann of the Franconian Sausage Company, are a bit tough. That can only mean that they must be used to the kinds of sausage that gives them a bad reputation in the first place – with synthetic skins and lots of filler. A proper bit of intestine, good chunks of meat and a generous seasoning is what a good sausage is all about – as well as a sausage-maker who has some passion and understanding in his belly like Jean-Paul (by which I mean that he’s a bit tubby).

Franconian Sausage Co. Ltd? Apparently so. Those red indentations represent the Franconian flag, by the way.



Here’s their site (it may be John Paul rather than Jean Paul, although the latter would be more Franconian). It looks good, although it may be a case of lese-majesty to refer to Leberkaes as Franconian luncheon meat.

More German food in the UK at the German Deli.

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