Total eclipse of moon/Mondfinsternis

This was the closest I could get to a photo:


It reminds me of when I took the night ferry from Calais and some Germans regretted not seeing the white cliffs of Dover, but we were actually in Folkestone.
This one was taken at 2.08, 1/800 sec, with an ultrazoom camera and spot metering.

10 thoughts on “Total eclipse of moon/Mondfinsternis

  1. How does this work between time zones, Clemens – what time of day would you have seen it?
    I was badly prepared and didn’t realize I should have taken the photos earlier, when I got a glimpse of it deep yellow. I noticed that when I read the Saturday paper today. This was at the end of the eclipse.

  2. We had lovely view of it here in Mainz over quite a long time, as the clouds cleared right on cue. A very striking russet sort of colour.

  3. Surprises me that they didn’t write “Pencilbox” though Margaret …. don’t you just love these people…..?


  4. I’d hate to see the “good” translations. Have you any idea at all what this person is trying to say?

  5. I am seriously holding my sides laughing.
    This Denglisch word is AMAZING! Almost everything you find is cool!

    Love it! K

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