Birthday / Geburtstag

April 16th is a big day: not only the eightieth birthday of Pope Benedict XVI, but also the fourth birthday of Transblawg.

On this auspicious or inauspicious (depending on your point of view) occasion, one is bound to ask: what do Benedict XVI and Transblawg have in common, and what not?

We have to conclude that there are only a few similarities. Both were born in Bavaria, but Transblawg is not likely to reach the age of eighty. Both speak German and English. Both invite comments – up to a point.

Transblawg has referred to the Pope more than once, for instance here.

But: Transblawg has not written a life of Jesus Christ
Transblawg is never infallible
Transblawg has not been to Rome (or even Altötting, despite pleas from a sociologist friend – would like to go there with a camera)
Transblawg is not well-dressed, and has certainly not revived archaic forms of dress
Benedict XVI does not carry a camera around with him all the time
Transblawg does not stand at a window and read stuff out to an admiring crowd
Benedict XVI probably doesn’’t have a picture of Martin Luther on the wall
And Benedict XVI has a (somewhat) more spiritual style than Transblawg, which often seems drawn to the trivial

But it takes all kinds to make a world, so happy birthday to us.

LATER NOTE, in response to comments: we do, in fact, have a suitable Austritt for holding speeches from, but the audience is missing (except where captive; pictures taken today).




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