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Heading in the Independent: Stressed Britons opt for ‘well-being’ breaks

So that’s the word for the German Wellness, even if the Independent puts it in inverted commas. There are plenty of other uses out there. (‘Britons’ is best headlinese, of course). Actually, they do use the word ‘wellness’ in the article too.

“Once upon a time most holidaymakers were happy to return home with a suntan and a bottle of the local hooch,” he said. “In the future they will be bringing back a greater sense of well-being, a major life-shift, a new look and maybe even some new body parts.”

I’d love some new body parts, but probably not the ones they mean.

Healthy eating, nutrition, exercise, beauty, relaxation and pampering are becoming more important to people and many want to incorporate those elements into holidays, the research found.

I like the separation of ‘healthy eating’ and ‘nutrition’. The trouble with nutrition is that whenever I read that something is good for me, I think I should eat it in addition to the rest of my diet.

Transblawg is about to close comments for a break, whether well- or illbeing. It was difficult choosing between the ITI 20-year conference in London, the DBJV conference in Cambridge, the ADÜ-Nord conference in Hamburg, and Barbara Ohm’s first of seven guided walks on the history of Fürth on Saturday.

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