Strange skin / Fremde Haut

I’m not sure that machine translation brings across the finer points of some German websites.

Bin ich als Solofrau sicher im Club oder fallen alle übermich her?
Am I safe as a solo woman in the club or do fall all over me ago?

You should surely be safe if you’re in the club.

(Via an ITI mailing list)

One thought on “Strange skin / Fremde Haut

  1. Just my thought last night as I saw all the men in this village stumbling home from the beer tent, some by foot and some in erratically driven cars: I bet this creates a lot of work for all types of professionals!

    I stayed in, by the way – countryfolk down here scare me! I imagine that at any moment they’ll come a-knocking with their torches, wanting to oust the foreign poofter from within their midst…

    PS Don’t tell anyone I commented here! I merely caught the title of this post on the Google Reader widget on my Google homepage. But I really don’t have time to read any posts right now!

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