Timekeeping software/Zeiterfassungssoftware

mite – Diese kostenlose deutschsprachige Zeiterfassungssoftware im Internet scheint mir sehr interessant. Text & Blog beschreibt es auf Deutsch.

For some years I’ve been using TimeSlice to record how much time I spend on various jobs. I just switch it on and it records till I stop it. It will calculate charges, but since I rarely charge by time that is usually of no interest. What I do is to charge by quantity but use the time tracker program to check how much I earn per hour on various types of translation.

mite is a free-of-charge German-language online time tracker. I like its simplicity (I’ve tried it for a few days). I don’t like the fact that it’s online and that it is integrated in a web browser, because I wonder what happens if the browser crashes. Everything else about it I like for the simplicity of using it (once you’ve worked it out) and creating reports.

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