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Via a comment on Trevor’s site, I found another translator’s weblog, and thence others.

Translator Power (Empowering Translators: From Freelancer to Entrepreneur – Opportunities, Marketing, Resources)

Language Realm blog by Roger Chriss – I had just removed his Language Realm from my list as a dead link, but didn’t know about the blog.

¿Se habla English? by Jo-Hanna Goettsche

There’s something about translation… by a translator in London who has mysteriously taken the Naked Translator name and who attended the ITI conference in April too, but I didn’t see anyone naked there. At all events she described the corpora session for me.

Hacklog: Blogamundo by Patrick Hall, Jonas Galvez and John Hall

Maremagnum by Pilar T. Bayle

Into Spanish Translation Blog

3 thoughts on “Translation weblogs/Übersetzerweblogs

  1. Margaret, I am both honored and delighted to see that you have linked to my humble blog :-). This is a great day for me! Please let’s keep in touch.

  2. :) Thank you for your link. I discovered it in the stats for my blog (there are actually two versions, English and Spanish).

    I am up to my eyeballs with a tedious translation due in a few hours, but then I promise I’ll return and check your blog more throughly.


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