Court dress simplified/Richterbekleidung vereinfacht

The Solicitors Journal reports that from January 2008, judges’ clothing in England and Wales is to be simplified and their dress allowance reduced. This was announced on July 12. Media release here.

Judges will no longer wear wigs, wing collars and bands when sitting in open court in civil and family proceedings. The Circuit Bench, in accordance with their current wish, will continue to wear the same gown. All other judges will wear a new, simple, gown which is in the course of desigm-

In criminal proceedings, High Court Judges will wear the present winter robes. At the moment, High Court Judges have five different styles of dress for different situations.

Advocates (mostly barristers but some solicitors) will similarly not wear wigs, wing collars and bands in civil courts.

For a picture of the High Court Judge dress to remain, see earlier entry.

Wikipedia has some information on current court dress. Examples with pictures here.

The judges of the House of Lords wear no wigs and gowns, just dark suits. That is apparently because they are sitting as a committee of the House of Lords rather than a court in the usual sense.

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