Translation delays/Sechsfacher Mord in Duisburg

RP Online had a story on August 24 headed Mafia-Akte lag sechs Wochen beim Übersetzer.

This turned out to mean that the German Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt) had the file in Italian on June 29, a translation was ordered and it arrived on August 7.

It seems obvious that the journalists on RP Online have never translated anything for the German authorities.

At least they are shyly admitting that this was a Mafia killing. Previously it was always claimed there was no Mafia in Germany (funny that I had heard otherwise from Italian translators in Bavaria…)

ATICOM was on the case of RP Online promptly with a clarification by the President.

bq. Aus unserer täglichen Berufserfahrung können wir Ihnen nachweislich mitteilen, dass zwischen der Auftragsvergabe durch eine bearbeitenden Geschäftsstellen bis zum tatsächlichen Postversand an den Übersetzer in der Regel bis zu 2 Wochen vergehen können, weil die internen Postabläufe innerhalb einer Behörde manchmal lange Wege haben.

(Only two weeks?)

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