TV and employment law/Kündigung in Big-Brother-Art

In der BBC-Sendung The Apprentice (etwa: In der Lehre) bewerben sich sechzehn Lehrlinge um eine Arbeitsstelle bei Sir Alan Sugar. Jede Woche wird einer von ihnen aus der Sendung hinausgeworfen im Stil einer Kündigung (The Scotsman):

The Apprentice, shown on the BBC, sees 16 contestants compete for a £100,000-a-year post with the self-made millionaire, Sir Alan, one of Britain’s best-known businessmen. Each week, one contestant is thrown out of the contest by the Amstrad founder, who leans across his boardroom table, points a finger and declares: “You’re fired!”

Jetzt vermutet eine schottische Kanzlei, dass seit der Erstausstrahlung viele Arbeitgeber Sir Alan nachgeahmt haben, was mit dem Arbeitsrecht nicht im Einklang steht.

Mr Muir said: “Since The Apprentice came on TV, we’ve seen a massive rise in dismissals in which employers or bosses apparently emulate or copy Sir Alan Sugar’s methods. There is no doubt about it. It has resulted in a series of unfair dismissal applications to employment tribunals.”
Employment law requires certain procedures to be adhered to in dismissing an employee. An investigation in the first instance should be followed by a disciplinary hearing. If that hearing finds in favour of dismissal the employee should be given an opportunity to appeal.

(Via The Barrister Blog‘s excellent weekly review)

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