James Nolan: Interpreting / Buch zu Dolmetschen

About a year ago I mentioned James Nolan’s interpreter training handbook (with links and comments). Now I hear that the second edition has appeared.

Bibliographic information Series: Professional Interpreting in the Real World
March 2005 format 210 x 148mm 320 pp
Hbk ISBN 1-85359-791-0 c. £69.95 / US$124.95/ CAN$174.95
Pbk ISBN 1-85359-790-2 c. £26.95/ US$49.95/ CAN$69.95
Subject (BIC): Translation and Interpretation (CFP) Level: Research, Professional (R) Territory: World
MM Subject interests: 700 MM Series: PIRW


I don’t know this book myself, but I have a publication notice from the author with more details that I can send to anyone who would like it.

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