Pronunciation of legal terms / Aussprache von englischen Rechtsbegriffen

The Talking Law Dictionary mentioned a few days ago is accompanied by a CD-ROM with famous lawyers from all over pronouncing terms. When you look up a term, you can see a photo and bio of the speaker. Some notes:

Why have a Scottish lawyer, albeit one who sat in the House of Lords for many years, pronounce trust terms?
cestui que trust
Of course, Lord Hope of Craighead also pronounces wherefore with the hw at the beginning, which may work well in the USA too.

que should sound like kee, cestui like setter, not chetty. After checking with some colleagues, I concluded it should be pronounced (in Britain) settee key trust, but that in order to know this, you have to have heard it from someone at a law school.

pur autre vie is pronounced by Stephen Breyer – I presume the end of autre is different from the English pronunciation there (sounds French rather than ‘oter’)

autrefois acquit / convict: same remark, Irish speaker

Association of Australian Magistrates
– pronounced by an Australian. Great listening

lien – correctly two syllables (I didn’t realize that Konrad Schiemann lost both his parents in WWII and lived in the UK from the age of nine)

ab initio? Lord Rodger of Earlferry volenti non fit injuria

No pronunciation for Taoiseach, cathaoirleach or ceann comhairle

Mary Arden, who should know more about this than I do, pronounces capias with a short initial a (cappius, not caypius) – ah, but Konrad Schiemann has it right in writ of capias. On the other hand, you can hear two American pronunciations of process (short o), but have to go to Mary Arden’s legal process to hear the British version.

This is a small dictionary and one sometimes wonders what some of the vocabulary is doing there. I didn’t realize, but suspected, that waste of time is a legal term. Nor did I realize that the plural of tipstaff is tipstaves.

Many German words are pronounced too, but most of the English and German words pronounced are really not a problem. Still, it’s fun to hear someone say Abänderungsklage and at the same time see their photo and bio.

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