View from office window / Weihnachtslichter

View from the office window on Friday: two people garrotting the recently installed tree with Christmas lights:

3 thoughts on “View from office window / Weihnachtslichter

  1. Well, it depends what you mean by “here”..! All of those signs (with the exception, of course, for those who don’t read German, of such text messages as “mit Parkschein, Parkschein-Automat”, etc.) are perfectly comprehensible to drivers from any country in Europe:

    “road ahead is no longer two-way”, “road ahead is no longer a dead end”, “no stopping”, “no entry”, “no stopping to the left or right of this sign”, “turn left for parking” are among those I see.

    That’s the beauty of European road signage — by contrast with much American practice where such text-reliant signs as “No turn from berm” confuse even English-speaking non-locals!

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