Kindle / präsentiert E-Book-Reader has introduced Kindle, a portable wireless ebook reader that allows you to buy books online immediately. You can also read newspapers, magazines and blog feeds.

Video demonstration here.

Review by Evan Schnittman at OUPblog

LATER NOTE: I overlooked this, about the terms of use.

11 thoughts on “Kindle / präsentiert E-Book-Reader

  1. Hmm…I don’t know what to think of that. A good idea and it claims your purchases are backed up. Does that mean you need to get a police crime report if it’s stolen? How do you prevent fraud? It’s bigger and probably easier to lose / get stolen than a plain old book. If Amazon make it as difficult to rightfully reclaim your purchases as iTunes do, then I’d rather forget it. And what about my dog? What is she to chew?
    I’d be intersted to hear the ractions of others on this one

  2. What I meant to say Margaret was that they the plug the fact that you can get your literature back if lost. But, having had experience with this at iTunes, I doubt that it is an easy process. I was given iTunes gift vouchers one Christmas, used them and downloaded some music. Weeks later my iPod deleted itself owing to a badly designed and non-intuitive iPod software upgrade (and probably naivet

    • So it wasn’t just me affected by that iTunes upgrade! I didn’t even have a list of what I had. I got some back and decided it wasn’t worth the effort to chase up the rest. I hardly use the iPod anyway, and I hadn’t downloaded much.
      But that doesn’t mean amazon won’t do a better job.

      I used to use ebooks in a PDA, but I am not out and about often enough to make this worthwhile. I used a lot of Project Gutenberg free books. I even once bought a copy of a book in English on German constitutional law that was out of print but available as an ebook. It was good getting hold of it immediately. I should think I might be tempted by this device if I can fill it up with Project Gutenberg and other free books and also get a new book I’m interested in for $9.99, without waiting for the paperback version.

  3. No Margaret, I guess you weren’t the only one. Luckily, the majority of my music was music I had imported from my CDs….so about 3 months later I had restored all of it. There is, I’m happy to say, a nifty little utility, CopyTrans, that allows you to restore your library from the iPod itself. Of course, iTunes doesn’t allow you to do this. It restores everything again and even makes a backup library wherever you choose.


    • Thanks, I will bear that in mind for the next crash. I did in fact restore from what was on the iPod, I’m not sure quite how, but I thought I was restoring the library when I did it. Yes, my stuff was mainly copied from CDs too.

  4. That’s the thing Margaret – you can of course set your iPod to operate as a hard disk and copy all the music back to your music location. But the iPod still won’t have any library information, so it’ll just give you a list of songs, but no album or artist affiliations


  5. Hallo L.
    ja, klar – das finde ich auch ganz witzig als Spruch. Und garantiert ist nicht der Webmaster schuld.
    Man muss fast nur “imprint kanzlei site:de” suchen, um viele genauso schlimme Anwaltssites in Deutschland zu finden. Wobei auch Sites mit gutem Englisch oft “imprint” f

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