Statements I do not believe / Aussagen, die ich nicht glaube


I got this meme from Thomas Klotz, who got it from Larko.

1. Es sind nur 5 Seiten.

2. I am nice Russian girl that would like to chat with you.

3. Darf’s noch was sein, “junge Frau”?

4. Politiker tritt “aus Privatgründen” zurück.

5. One size fits all.

6. That looks good on you, madam.

7. Evolution, not revolution. (Steve McClaren)

I can find seven statements, but I don’t know who to pass it to. This meme is passed on to everyone who is interested!

4 thoughts on “Statements I do not believe / Aussagen, die ich nicht glaube

  1. You omit the “lockere zwei Seiten – Technik” Margaret. Usually turns out to be 10 full pages formatted as Arial 5 point on the subject of nuclear containment …and for yesterday


    • The ‘not many words on the page’ reminds me of certified translations, which I try to avoid but which are sometimes described in such terms. No matter how small the font is.

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