Translating into British or American English / Arsch mit Ohren

From a letter to the Editor, TLS, 25 January 2008:

Sir, – As most of the TLS is still written in British rather than American English, Leo A. Lensing’s translation of “Arsch mit Ohren” as “an ass with ears” (January 11) calls for comment, since most readers would naturally expect an ass to have ears.

8 thoughts on “Translating into British or American English / Arsch mit Ohren

  1. Well, whilst Mr. Justice Eady may loathe the British tabloid press, the CPS might take an interest in the revelations of the drawing of blood, corroborated albeit only by sticking plaster.

    Wounding with intent to cause GBH has echoes of the consensual girl-caning case of R v. Donovan (1934) which was specifically referred to in court and most criminal law students remember.

    Sadly but understandably, the News of the World – which reportedly in days of old used to be best for the sports pages – went to press and not the police.

  2. It’s a pity the children in our house didn’t have Hans Beck as a landlord, especially around Christmas time. Did he offer tenants discounted Playmobil toys?

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