Doughnuts / Berliner

This is what happens to regional vocabulary when you have supra-regional bakery chains.

4 thoughts on “Doughnuts / Berliner

  1. You mean Pfannkuchen (at least, that is what they are called in this neck of the urban jungle).

    “Berliner” are people who live out in the wilds beyond the eastern bounds of our town of Spandau. (And I suppose JFK by association, too).

    • Krapfen is what they’re called here. I’d forgotten the Pfannkuchen version. According to Wie sagt man anderswo?, Pfannkuchen was the GDR term too, Berliner (Pfannkuchen) in most of Germany and in Switzerland, Berliner Ballen! around D

  2. Not to forget Kreppl (in Mainz where my better half comes from and my parents in law still live).

    And of course “Fasching” opens up a whole new host of regional variants (even before you try to transpose the concept into English).

    • Victor – not just Kreppl in Mainz (dribbe), but also Krebbel, especially in Hessen (hibbe) – looked at from our office in Kastel, of course, rather than home in Finthen. If you get what I mean.

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