Eltern haften für ihre Kinder

I think some people are unaware that they aren’t actually obliged to provide amusements for children.

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    • They definitely prepare children for *life* in Germany. Which is not notorious for being amusing.

      I miss a notice about the video surveillance, though. Maybe they haven’t got round to that yet. Or missed to apply to Alfred E. Neuman* for the necessary funds.

      * cf. MM’s entry on 16-09-07

    • Fortunately there were no cars there (I think it must be small cars).

      I blew up the original picture and found some text:

      Yellow signs on both sides:
      Eltern haften f

      • If the cars are small cars, I wonder how parents should supervise adherence to point 4 on the yellow sign. Are they supposed to stand at the side and yell?
        The only realistic way to use dodgems with very young kids is for the accompanying adult to sit in the car with the kid (I’ve done that with my grandkids, and they very much enjoy this even at a very young age).
        I wonder if the dodgems in this outfit have the obligatory safety belts. If they do, parents can at least make sure that the kids are strapped up before they start.

        • I assume these were dodgems, but they must have been put away for the winter (Nuremberg Zoo). Actually, the only time I ever went on dodgems was in Stockport when I was about 30, and we were forbidden to touch other cars! Anyway, I can’t remember what these look like in the summer. With the polar bear craze about to take over, I am not sure when I will next be there. I haven’t found anything else on it (next to the Waldsch

        • Actually, I think they must be smaller than dodgems, because they probably all fit in that shed. Still, keeping an eye on a very small child is not compatible with the advertisement that you can have a relaxing lunch there while your children play.

    • This would be appropriate for Nuremberg Zoo with its many ungulates, but I don’t think I could get away with it in full view of the restaurant.

  1. Hi!

    I work near the location where these signs hang.

    Unfortunately, every point on the sign relates to real world occurences, like:

    – pushing the cars manually, instead of putting money in the slot (ruining the electric engines)

    – using the the cars as Dodgems (they are not Dodgems, but little electric racing cars…)

    – claiming not to be responsible for damage their kids have done to the cars, because “they are part of the playground”

    The parents can easily stand beside the track and supervise their kids. There is no loud music, the cars are almost silent, and the track is pnly about eight metres across…

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