Above all/Über alles

The Air Force Academy has taken the motto Above All.

“‘Above All’ is about what we do and how we do it,” Colonel Caldwell said. “The job of the Air Force is to defend America and we do that by dominating air, space and cyberspace. The new campaign and slogan captures our roots, but also illustrates where we’re going as a service as the Air Force prepares to contend with future threats.”

I certainly wasn’t aware the U.S. Air Force dominated cyberspace, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

I must say I prefer Per ardua ad astra, but I don’t understand the excitement about a supposed borrowing from Deutschland über Alles. I just can’t see that. The actual use of the word cyberspace looks more foolish to me. See comments to tongodeon’s Live Journal entry, and also the comments at Boing Boing.

3 thoughts on “Above all/Über alles

    • Yes, I suppose you’re right – I didn’t think about that aspect.
      If I saw it out of context I’d just translate it as ‘Vor allem’!

  1. US Air Force have launched a recruiting campaign with the slogan “Above All”. My favorite part of the Air Force Link story about the campaign is this:
    “Above All is about what we do and how we do it,” Colonel Caldwell said. &#8…

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