Siemens Airport Center

Siemens has a huge ‘practice’ airport in Fürth (this quote dates from a couple of years ago).

With the new Siemens Airport Center (SAC) in Fürth (Germany), Siemens has created the world’s only innovation, planning and testing center designed to develop specific airport and airline solutions together with customers, and to test them under simulated operating conditions. An entire airport infrastructure was recreated in compact form over an area of approximately 9,000 square meters (29,527 square feet).

Here in German:

Ein kompletter Flughafen – nur ohne Flugzeuge und Landebahn: Das ist das Siemens Airport Center (SAC) in Fürth-Bislohe, in dem die Siemens AG ihr integriertes Portfolio für Flughäfen und Fluglinien präsentiert. Auf einer Nettofläche von 9.000 Quadratmetern erfüllt das SAC vier Funktionen: Als Kundeninformationszentrum, Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum für integrierte Flughafeninnovationen, als Testbetrieb für laufende Kundenprojekte und als Trainingscenter für Kunden und Siemens-Mitarbeiter.

One can’t help wondering if Terminal 5 at Heathrow did without something like this.

5 thoughts on “Siemens Airport Center

    • Actually, I wonder if they populate the test centre with people to any great extent? Would they order in 1,000 walk-on actors and see what happened? This could be the flaw in the system.

  1. That’s terrible news. I well remember Ben as one of the best from FLEFO days. I never met him personally, but I’m really sad to hear this.

  2. That is incredibly sad. I learned about this on Sunday via the German Language Division listserv. I never had the pleasure of meeting Ben, but many of our colleague think the world of Ben. It’s a terrible tragedy for the translation community. I also posted about this on my blog a few days ago, based on the public information available, some of which you mention.

    • Yes indeed, I do see your RSS feed, and I even passed on the link re Erlangen (where I taught for 20 years) to an ITI list.

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