Dying in parliament/Tod im britischen Parlamentsgebäude

John Mesirow – always worth reading – reports on More Weird and Wacky British Laws.

This lot come from the Daily Mirror on March 20. But they have surely been round the Internet a few times – BBC News reported them last November. Probably they originate from some no longer acknowledged book, which in turn got them from a dubious source.

I am wondering about

IT is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament. We’re not sure what the punishment for this particular offence would be.

Too true: of course there is no punishment. What is meant by ‘illegal’?

My understanding was that deaths in the House of Commons or House of Lords are reported as happening outside the building. Wikipedia has more on this:

No one is allowed to die within the Palace of Westminster, because, as it is a royal palace, any person who dies there would eligible for a royal funeral.[33] Most deaths on the premises are said to have taken place at St. Thomas’ Hospital, the nearest hospital to the palace.[34]

Wikipedia quotes BBC News and the Daily Telegraph as sources.

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