Law for senior citizens/Jurisprudenz für Senioren

Kursana run old people’s homes (‘residences’) in several parts of Germany. The series of talks for old people sounds most impressive.

But what is this? A gavel? What looks like The Oxford Companion to the Supreme Court of the USA under a pair of reading glasses? A course in American law?

No, apparently not. It looks as if the talks are practical talks on the reform of German inheritance tax, on living wills, and even on the law of old people’s homes (Neuregelung des Heimrechts), all presented by a Nuremberg lawyer. I wonder where they found the picture?

4 thoughts on “Law for senior citizens/Jurisprudenz für Senioren

    • Have you any idea how the British auction hammer fell into the hands of American judges and thus became an international symbol of the judiciary? I don’t even know when the judge uses the gavel (except as you say).

  1. I’m really the wrong person to ask. My last court appearace was an amateur gig on behalf of some squatters, and I believe the stipendiary’s only equipment was his lunchbox.

  2. Great link, thank you. I just bookmarked it. We do a lot of English<->German legal translations, and I am forever looking for new resources. I mainly use Dietl-Lorenz, but this is a great addition to my virtual dictionary files.

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