German language not romantic/Mosley spricht “Deutsch”

Max Mosley is suing the News of the World for breach of privacy. They clandestinely filmed him in a sado-masochistic party.
Mosley denies that it had a Nazi theme.

However, it has come out that he was speaking German, also referred to as ‘cod German’.

The Scotsman reports:

MOTOR racing chief Max Mosley told the High Court that he spoke German during a sado-masochistic session with five women because the “harsh-sounding” language suited his dominant role. … He said that the role-play “prison” scenario, which is at the centre of his breach of privacy action against the News of the World, involved him and woman B, a fellow German speaker, being dominant to submissive characters who could not understand them.

“German also somehow sounds appropriate for a bossy dominant character. It is a harsh-sounding – rather than a romantic – language.”

One wonders what his German sounded like:

He said that if he had asked for a Nazi theme, he would have been deeply disappointed to be greeted, as he was, with the phrase “Welcome to Chelsea” rather than “Brandenburg Tur”.

Asked about his speaking “cod German as though he was in a poor World War Two movie”, he said it had nothing to do with the war.

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LATER NOTE: as indicated in the comments, Mosley spent 2 years from the age of 13 (his first regular schooling) at a school in Stein an der Traun (Wikipedia), so at least at the age of 15 he spoke fluent German.

According to the Independent of July 10:

The editor agreed with the suggestion of Mr Mosley’s QC that “in fairness it might have been instructive to have had [the video of the orgy] translated by a German speaker”, after the paper alleged the S&M session had a concentration camp theme.

The editor admitted that no one with knowledge of German watched the video before the paper went to press. This was despite the fact that one of the scenarios featured in the video – which the paper claimed was recreating a concentration camp scene – was conducted mostly in German.

LATER NOTE: Mosley won the case – see later entry.

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