Leoben via Babelfish/Leoben übersetzt

The Canadian multi-law-student weblog Law is Cool has discovered Leoben prisonalready mentioned.

Since it was opened in March 2005 it has often been in the press, and has led to indignation among non-inmates.

The blogger, Lawrence Gridin, is restricted to online machine translation and invites comments from German speakers on this page. I quote the original German of the Kronen Zeitung from here.

Angeboten wird auch ein “Langzeitbesuch” – wobei sich ein Häftling maximal 24 Stunden lang mit Partner oder Familie in einem Raum ungestört aufhalten kann – was bereits für heiße Diskussionen sorgte.

Also a “long-term visit” is offered – whereby a prisoner can be maximally 24 hours long with partner or family in an area unimpaired – which already provided for hot discussions.

Von den Lebensumständen, die die Fotos vermitteln, kann das Gros der Bevölkerung wohl nur träumen: Ein Wuzzler im Aufenthaltsraum neben einem großen Fernseher, eine herrliche Sporthalle, ein piekfeiner Trainingsraum mit glänzenden Fitnessgeräten – und ein verträumter Blick in die grüne Landschaft neben Korbsessel und Palme. Die Luft ist allerdings “gesiebt”.

Of the life circumstances, which obtain the photos, the majority of the population can probably only dream: A Wuzzler in the lounge beside a large television, a wonderful sport-resounds, a piekfeiner training area with shining Fitnessgeräten – and a verträumter view into the green landscape beside basket armchair and palm. Air is however “gesiebt”.

Actually, the main drift comes over quite well.

As usual, if one had an MT program oneself, one could tell it that Manfred Gieß is a name, and then it would not write ‘Manfred pour’.

Unknown words are not translated. Hence the strained joke about ‘at least the air is filtered before it is allowed in’ is omitted. HÄf’n (slang for prison) and Wuzzler (table football) are terms that would need to be fed in.

I am surprised at ‘sport-resounds’ for Sporthalle.

Justizanstalt Leoben website (German)

Thanks to Ed. at Blawg Review for the tip-off.

3 thoughts on “Leoben via Babelfish/Leoben übersetzt

  1. Pity our Canadian blogger has been diverting attention away from the hugely succesful Viking Exhibition running in Leoben until November this year. There are attractions in Styria other than controversial family-outing prisons.

    • Could take a long time!

      Two further notes:

      1. We don’t usually speak about British law, or even UK law.

      2. William I brought feudalism with him from Normandy. It became a feature of English land law, but it is not without Continental links.

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