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Got Medieval (A[n intermittently updated] tonic for the slipshod use of medieval European history in the media and pop culture) is intrigued by phallic initials in a Justinian codex.

Here is the I of Imperator:

More salacious images on the website, which states:

This one goes out to all the law students, lawyers, paralegals, and other assorted legal professionals who read this blog. I know that you come here for diversion because the reading you’re forced to do for work and school is ungodly amounts of boring. You should, however, consider yourselves lucky. Medieval law books are just as eyeball-numbingly tedious, and just think, many medieval law students had to copy their textbooks out by hand.

Oh, come on – the law students in the German Democratic Republic had to do their copies by hand too, and that wasn’t so long ago.

Thanks to Trevor.

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