Law Dictionary, von Beseler and Jacobs-Wüstefeld

The von Beseler – Jacobs-Wüstefeld law dictionary can still be bought, at a price.
EN>DE 1986, DE>EN 1991

I have the latter and find it useful, although most of the time I leave it aside and turn to Dietl and Romain. Not that von Beseler is not as good, but one or two dictionaries are enough in number/desk space. However, von Beseler gives a very large selection of terms to consider. Its layout has always been superb (I have the previous edition too).

Amazon offers ‘Search inside’, but none of the alphabetical pages are there!

However, the dictionary can be found in Google Books, and although not every page is open to consult, you might certainly have some luck with terms. (Mind you, it would be quicker to find terminology elsewhere).

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