Turkey kebab/Putendöner

I miss lamb döner. Does it still exist anywhere in Germany? At least I can get beef at some places and don’t have to have turkey.

Here is a spoof video of Delia Smith making doner (followed by deep-fried Mars Bars and a spam casserole).

12 thoughts on “Turkey kebab/Putendöner

  1. Say it ain’t so! It is the bane of my (admittedly underbaned) life that the Dutch refuse to sell me sheep kebaps. In any case, I bet they still do it right in Berlin.

    • I think they must have it in Berlin, as you say. But there are so many Turkish shops here – I would have no trouble buying a kilo of lambs’ testicles if I wanted to – how can they let themselves be sold down the river?

  2. I continue to suspect that Twitter (which I have abandoned for the time being) and LinkedIn (of which I am a slumbering member) are answers that have still not found their question.

  3. I love Twitter. I’ve almost stopped using RSS feeds, as the most interesting articles inevitably find their way there and the bloggers I like tweet about their latest posts (although you don’t!). I also like the immediacy of the conversation there.

    • With RSS, some feed are complete and most have obviously got more information than you can get on Twitter. Maybe I’m a bit anal and like to have a more informational skim of what I don’t read in detail.

      On Twitter, you’ve got to trust the person recommending. I am in two minds about publicizing one’s own blog entries, but at least that’s clear. But recommending other people’s is a bit of a lottery. And the immediacy of the conversation can be both good and bad too.

      It would be great if Twitter replaced a mailing list, but not enough translators are tweeting for that, in my subjects. But Twitter does have some interesting points. And now I know I can buy merguez at Aldi and not just in London or Calais!

  4. Crowdsourcing is nothing new and I don’t see it as “stabbing translators in the back” but as a business choice that a lot of companies make: cutting costs at the expense of quality.

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