Anglo-American law/Anglo-Amerikanisches Recht

I was wondering whether to translate Anglo-amerikanisches Recht as Anglo-American law. I think I will. It used to seem a bit of a Germanism to me. But better than Anglo-Saxon law, which my employer in Erlangen once put in the Vorlesungsverzeichnis as my speciality.

Anyway, while I was comparing site:uk and site:de ghits, I came across a reference to Donald R. Black at, the site where students can grade their teachers. I have some materials of his, which are wonderful, and he is qualified in the USA, Britain and Germany. Don’t know if the materials are available outside Berlin. I was pleased to see that the sole person who graded him gave him very good marks – all 1 (A), but a mysterious 2 for interest. I’m also not sure if the writer got the course title quite right.

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