Only last week I was wondering whether I would ever taste a pluot (Pflauose), and here they were in Plus (and apparently I am not the only person to discover that).

I didn’t see the word pluot, only Brontosaurus Egg. I thought I’d better take a couple or I might regret not trying them – they look like plums, the size of the black ones from California so often sold here.

It seems, however, that they are not half plum and half apricot, but more plum than apricot. The plumcot (Pflaumenkose) is older and not so well known. There are also apriums (Apraumen).

7 thoughts on “Pluot/Pflauose

    • I must admit I didn’t realize that Austria had only one word for Zwetschge and Pflaume. What an impoverishment!

      What is the Austrian for Brontosaurus Egg?

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