Credit Crunch chocolate/Arbeitssuchende Wirtschaftsprüfer

Selfridges is selling Credit Crunch Chocolate.

‘Credit Crunch’ is a more-ish marriage of the very best velvet-rich Valrhona chocolate, thickly coated over hokey pokey honeycomb pieces. It is available covered either in dark or milk Valrhona chocolate (£3.99 for a 150g bag). This delicious chocolate treat is hand made at The Chocolate Society’s west London kitchens by its team of expert chocolatiers. The Chocolate Society proprietor and food writer Kevin Gould adds: “The ‘Credit Crunch’ treat we have created exclusively for Selfridges is good news for chocolate lovers and doom-sayers alike.

(I suppose ‘hokey pokey’ means something in the USA?)

via Swordplay

And a short film on a reverse of circumstances after bank crashes: The Job.

(Thanks to Walter)

2 thoughts on “Credit Crunch chocolate/Arbeitssuchende Wirtschaftsprüfer

    • Yes, apparently Antipodean, not USA.
      In my part of the world, the dance is ‘hokey cokey’, but I’ve seen this before (also on Wikipedia).

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