GmbH managing director contract translated/GmbH-Geschäftsführervertrag ins Englische übersetzt

Via the German American Law Journal: has started putting online German contracts translated into English.

They’ve started off with a GmbH managing director contract, translated by Bernhard Schmeilzl (difficult for me to say, but easier than another of the team, Prof. Dr. Dr. Herbert Grziwotz, Notar):

Wer englische Verträge oder Mustertexte sucht, wird künftig auf fünfig. Wir bauen ein Archiv hochwertiger Dokumente in englischer Rechtssprache auf. Zum Start ein zweisprachiger GmbH-Geschäftsführer-Vertrag (deutsch / englisch)

I have no intention of going through this with a fine tooth comb looking for things to disagree with. It looks good. But I will agree with Clemens that ‘loophole may not always be the proper equivalent of the German term Regelungslücke‘. It is also on the heavy side and has some instances of ‘the said’ that I wouldn’t use, for example.

Only yesterday I wrote on a translators’ mailing list: ‘Loopholes are for exploiting, and gaps are for filling’. (And a later commenter would have preferred lacunae).

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