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At last week’s ATA conference in Orlando, there was a session on blogging, as a result of which Susanne Aldridge has started a blog (In-House Translators – A Dying Breed). As an outhouse translator, I’m still interested in this.

Translation Times has a report and a photo of the bloggers present. The Masked Translator may have been there too. (I could have sworn I had that blog on my blogroll, but the fact is that I read that and Translation Times by RSS feed – a blogroll is becoming a thing of the past).

5 thoughts on “Translation Blogs / Übersetzerweblogs

  1. We are still pondering who MT is, but I have a feeling he/she is not ready to take off the mask. I am very much looking forward to organizing another blogger get-together for next year — the more, the merrier.

    • Actually, there was a wonderful mystery translation blogger a few years ago, Translation in the Trenches, by Trench Warrior. It’s still online. I, and others, made a big effort to find out who it was and never succeeded (though I had my suspicions).


  2. First, thanks a lot for the kind words. I laughed out loud at “outhouse” translator – which is not that smart in a cubicle environment.
    While I understand that everyone wants to know who MT is, knowing would also mean the end of it. The main reason why can post his rants is because no one knows him.
    So Judy, if you had to chose, would you rather know who he is, or read what he writes?

    • Yes, he’s got to be anonymous. Even then, there are things we can’t discuss even anonymously, such as specific language problems that the client might recognize. I would really like to give examples of some texts, and it wouldn’t really do anyone any harm, but I would have to rephrase them, even on a mailing list.

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