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Joshua Rozenberg is probably the best-known legal correspondent in the UK. He writes for the Telegraph. Recently he has been publishing more on his own page there. The RSS feed is a good way of keeping up with legal news and comment. (New readers start here).

One of today’s pieces is Alleged Holocaust denier released.

The arrest warrant for Friedrich Töben was found to be vague and inadequate. Apparently if it were more specific, and it transpired that Töben denied the Holocaust in the UK as well as Germany, he would have a defence against extradition. The German authorities (represented by Melanie Cumberland) have given up their appeal.

Head of Legal thinks that Rozenberg’s new page is ‘something like a blawg’, and I agree:

Joshua Rozenberg has started something like a blawg on the Telegraph’s website. He specifically says it’s not a blog: though his reasons are wrong, if he thinks blogging means you write about yourself or simply recycle stories and opinions from other sources. I’m sorry he has such a limited view of what blogs can be, and surprised, given his wife’s success with blogging. But in a way he’s right – normally people would be able to comment on a blog, and you can’t on his site, which is a pity. It’d have been good to welcome him fully to the UK blawg world.

Many years ago I used to recommend Rozenberg’s The Search for Justice. An Anatomy of the Law to students. The updated edition was 1995. The book attempted to suggest how the English legal system could be improved, and its clear line made it a great way for non-lawyers to assimilate a lot of information about English law. It’s partly out of date now. Rozenberg’s book on Privacy and the Press, though pre-Mosley, looks like a good read, judging from the pages you can see on the site. Rozenberg has a way of writing readably about legal topics without condescending to the non-lawyer reader.

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