Ordering English books in Germany/Englische Bücher in Deutschland bestellen

Claudia of the Fool for Food foodblog has an entry about the cheapest way to get English-language books if you live in Germany (German). In her case these are books about food and cooking.

Grundlage meines Tests bildeten acht Kochbücher, die 2007 oder 2006 auf den Markt kamen. Verglichen habe ich amazon.de, libri.de und buch.de.

Alle Bücher zusammen kosteten zusammen bei:

amazon.de 211,60 €
buch.de 190,34 €
libri.de 194,53 €

She discusses amazon.co.uk and amazon.com too. It can be worth ordering from amazon.co.uk even despite the postage charge.

4 thoughts on “Ordering English books in Germany/Englische Bücher in Deutschland bestellen

  1. Hi Margaret, I agree. Amazon.co.uk is sometimes better and cheaper. Lately I also tried some Amazon resellers. Some of them offer _new_ books at a very good price.

    • Yes, I normally compare amazon.de and amazon.co.uk, and sometimes amazon.com too. You are right about the resellers – might be worth watching out for them more often.

    • I honestly don’t know. I presume you mean selling new books as an author? But the new English-language books I’m referring to don’t originate in Germany. I don’t know if the 60%/50% applies there or not. When an English-language book is cheaper on amazon.de, it often comes from the USA, or at least is a best-seller. Then I suppose the freedom in setting prices in the English-language countries takes the price down.

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