I have at last succeeded in photographing Quaks. I phoned the Bavarian Bird Association pelican ‘hotline’ and they suggested I parked in the centre of Frauenaurach and walked down the Brauhofgasse, since the pelican has been spending the night on the Schwarzer Adler:

I saw two pairs of storks on chimneys. They were quite noisy:

I didn’t think I was going to see the pelican, but he was standing there next to a pond, beside a small pollarded (and dead) willow, unfortunately behind barbed wire and small branches:

Google Maps shows Frauenaurach. The pond can be seen near Brauhofgasse and the River Aurach.

After that he flew away. Later, I saw him flying over the bridge over the Regnitz.

Brewery cat:

Now my pelican pictures have joined the rest on the website of the Landesverband für Vogelschutz in Bayern.

7 thoughts on “Pelican/Pelikan

  1. The ginger car is redolent of ‘Marmaduke the Cat’ as a favourite British children’s (library) book of yesteryear.

    To bring this tierisch interessantes Thema back round to the law, perhaps someone can comment on the attraction of John Grisham’s best-seller, the Pelican Brief.

  2. Apart from the trivial point of whether the term case(-)law is one word or two (un)hyphenated words cf. charter party, other alternatives that I use extrapolate the precedent of Markesinis and Youngs to

  3. To Janet’s question, not wishing to detract from the US bankruptcy attorney’s red-herring advertisement, I do change the adjectival phrase to ‘according to settled (st

    • Yes, I suppose I should remove the bankruptcy man. At least it won’t do him much good linking here! I did allow one or two such comments to remain under the recent funeral notice – not a good choice for advertising purposes.

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