Scandinavian knitting problems/Probleme beim skandinavischen Stricken

This is a warning in case any other readers of Vibeke Lind’s Knitting in the Nordic Tradition are passing by. This is a Danish book that has been translated into English by Annette Allen Jensen and of which I managed to secure a second-hand copy.

It has a lot of useful material, and it was probably my fault that I was misled by this diagram and photo – I thought they referred to the same thing:

The one on the left:

I did think 15 centimetres was too long, but I didn’t realize till after I’d finished that the cuff is supposed to be turned up twice. I was relying on the photo, in which you can see the black ribbing at the bottom and the black edge at the top of the cuff. (My casting off is a bit dodgy too).

Ah well. Anyone with a long small head need one of these?

I had been practising knitting with one colour held the English way and the other the Continental way, just in case I ever get round to a jacket.

5 thoughts on “Scandinavian knitting problems/Probleme beim skandinavischen Stricken

  1. I think this is darling and actually have a long, small head, as does my partner. Unless we’re talking child-size small here? I could pay postage (DE) and whatever you’d like for the cap?

    • That’s very kind of you to say you like it, Michele! Let me have your address and I’ll send it – after Easter because I want to show it to someone first.
      My head is rather big – who would have thought it? – 58 cm rather than the usual 57 cm – so if I turn in the cuff twice, which I suppose keeps the most important parts warm, it’s too tight for comfort. I should really pay you for taking it, and I don’t think the postage will be much. So let me send it first and we can discuss the postage afterwards.

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