Linguee, LinearB

I have mentioned Linguee and LinearB – see comments under the latter.

At first I disliked Linguee because I could not see where the texts came from without clicking through, and most of the English equivalents were bad. Admittedly this is not a full investigation, and readers are invited to do their own searches. My first impression of LinearB was good, because the sentences were good English, although they didn’t reveal the source at all.

I now realize that LinearB is full of Europarl, a database of bilingual documents from the proceedings of the European Parliament. Meanwhile it transpires that Linguee incorporates the acquis communautaire TM (I assume), and Europarl too. If I therefore look up the word Rechtsbehelf on both sites, I get masses of quite good EU equivalents, equivalents I could find myself on the Web anyway. Actually, it’s surprising that LinearB doesn’t use that material too.

I just looked at the example in the comments, Bestand as a noun, in Linguee and the results are not bad at all. I also think it is likely that Linguee is expanding and will expand fast. However, I suspect that when I have a genuine question to ask it, it will give me some more Gerglish and not much help.

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