St. James’ Way/Jakobsweg

Pilgrimages aren’t what they were, apparently.

Reise im modernen Komfortbus
14 x Übernachtung mit frühstück in sehr guten *** und **** Hotels
14 x ‘Abendessen
Zimmer mit Bad oder Dusche/WC
Alle Führungen laut Programm

None of this ‘give me my scallop shell of quiet‘ here.

11 thoughts on “St. James’ Way/Jakobsweg

  1. Incidentally, I checked out your link to the poem by Sir Walter Raleigh, and I noted that GoogleADs offers two adverts (presumably keyword-related) to help me in my meditation:
    1. Literature on the Lake Isle of Innisfree
    2. “oilfree small compressors and vacuum pumps”.

    What does Google know that I don’t?

    • The vacuum pump – the modern man’s scallop shell? They offered me tours of Israel: ‘Chrisliche Heiliges-Land-Touren Tolle Angebote.Jetzt buchen &sparen’.

      Of course, it occurred to me that Chaucer’s pilgrims would have done it this way too if they could.

  2. There have not been so many foreign names on door bells back when I lived in Fuerth (Zirndorf, actually, but I went to a German language school (fuer Aussiedler) in Fuerth in 1981-82 as a poor refugee from a far away country (the Germans kept referring to it as “da drueben”). Good thing I left early on.

    I just started my new blog and linked to yours. I think you are the same Margaret Marks who I used to talk to on Flefo, n’est-ce pas? Those were the days.

    Hope you leave a comment on my blog one of these days.

    Best regards,

    Steve Vitek, technical translation since 1987

    My blog is at:

    • Hi Steve – of course I remember you (your name has been mentioned a couple of times here too). Those were the days indeed! I’m sorry to hear you were in Zirndorf – I don’t suppose it’s any nicer now. Your blog looks like a good read, certainly more than mine at the moment.

        • Ah – good question. I will give you a link anyway. I have run out of ideas after all these years. Blog birthday coming up in April, I’ve forgotten which one. I am looking forward to what you write. I like the stories about your experiences as a translator and immigrant / emigrant, although I am not good at writing those things myself.

    • Oops, no inline linking allowed here, obviously. Well, then please copy & paste


      into the address line of your browser to see the project which Norbert Hendrych was working on recently with a bunch of youngsters from F

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