Brits can’t write legal Spanish/Briten sind unfähig, juristisches Spanish zu schreiben

David Jackson has initiated legal proceedings in Spain. The other side seem a bit slow on the uptake and failed to notice Jackson was represented by a law firm. His lawyers replied, inter alia, that it must be blindingly obvious that Spanish lawyers wrote the correspondence, since it was impossible for British citizens to write clear technical and legal Spanish:

To which I have just spotted (in the middle of 55 pages of closely typed legal arguments) that our reply is:

(..)no se concreta “ en ningún momento , que se trata de un Despacho de Abogados” , ello no es asumible pues, por un lado, del contenido del escrito de alegaciones se infiere claramente su carácter técnico-jurídico, por lo que difícilmente lo podía redactar un ciudadano inglés(..)

Thanks to, er, Barcelona.

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