4 thoughts on “Photos from Stadtpark

  1. How do you pronounce it? Although since it’s a “meine” I guess it has nothing to do with the Dutch football chant, “Je moeder is een hoer.”

    • I can’t find the lyrics, but I see Google indexes Transblawg sooner than it used to. I take your point, but there is also the problem of metre (ein Hool/eine Hure). They don’t seem to object to the idea (‘seit mehr als 30 Jahren schafft die Lolita an’, in Lolita Cellulitis).
      Maybe my former head of department, who is celebrating Nuremberg’s recent victory in the hope they won’t be demoted, will know more if I see him tomorrow, as it seems this song is sung at football matches.

    • Many thanks. It was hard to research.

      My friend thinks it’s used in Britain too, but I can’t confirm that. I think he’s been living in Germany too long.

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