Lidl Germany Britische Spezialitäten/British specialities at German Lidl

From Thursday June 4th, Lidl are offering what they call British specialities. You can see them at the website now, but only for a week or so. You may have to enter a postcode – 90762 works!

Yes, I too was surprised to read that British cooking had a higher reputation than French in the past. (In the Dark Ages?)

Here’s another surprise:

Fish and chips, individual pieces, in batter, with extra thick crunchy chips. But Alaska-Seelachsfiletstücke! I spend a lot of my time in Germany avoiding Seelachs. It’s probably coley, which we used to feed to the cats. Pollachius virens. Pollock sounds better, but still, I’ve never encountered that at a British fish and chip shop (cod, skate, rock eel/rock salmon, plaice, haddock).

Those are the first two of four pages. The others have mint sauce, mustard, brown sauce (Englische Würzsauce), caramel shortcakes, marmalade, jam, shortbread, salt and vinegar stick, Ribena substitute, and hand cooked chips (‘Our Lidl quality UK brand Hatherwood’ couldn’t manage to say ‘crisps’, so a bag of these, with a picture of Tower Bridge and some tartan on it, could be a curiosity.

Do they have a British week at Lidl in the Netherlands, commenters?

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  1. Thanks for posting that, Margaret. We’ll take a look at their cheddar, at least. The rest looks fairly dodgy, as you point out. Pollock is apparently the standard American term for coley (for which there are dozens of other – many regional UK – names). At least it’s not being overfished, unlike just about everything else.

    They’re also doing frozen Indian meals:

    As for British cooking, I’m pretty sure that it’s easier to get a good meal in London nowadays than it is in, say, Paris. Though of course the chances of it being authentic “British cooking” (whatever that may be) are fairly low.

  2. isn’t doing this yet; I will keep an eye out for it, for sure.

    There may not be a lot of demand, though: we already have marmelade and marmite(!) in our local supermarkt, and the battered fish market is well served by fresh kibbeling from the fish van that comes round on Saturdag afternoons.

    Proper salt and vinegar crisps you can’t get, but sea salt and balsamic is after all by no means proper salt and vinegar.

  3. Naturally, my first thought was: will Lidl UK reciprocate with a German week? No, it’s going to be ‘A Taste of America’, starting today.

  4. I had heard that Hatherwood is a Scots company ! So if it isn’t, where are the products made ? In Germany or UK ? In other words is it real British made food or just following British traditional favourites by name ?

    Why don’t they go the whole hog and present the fish & chips in a newspaper (look-a-like) ?

    • I have no idea. Normally they get stuff made in the country where the shop is located. But I can’t help thinking that the Stollen they sell in Britain at Christmas come from Germany.
      But Hatherwood is not a Scots company – it’s just one of the many names used by Lidl. It gives no indication whether the food is made in Britain or Germany.

  5. i would like to know if is possible to buy a night site bought in lidl stores here in spain last year i had a mail address for TARGA IN GERMANY but cannot find it anymore ANY help will be much appreciated thanks peter

  6. No offense – misdemeanor or felony – meant, but I wonder whether these dictionaries and ILEC materials (‘breaching vs. non-breaching party’) that are largely written by expatriate Americans in W

    • Well, yes. Mind you, this is just supposed to be a reference to the existence of the book – it isn’t a review, because I haven’t spent that much time on it. People in Germany can order books ‘zur Ansicht’ and see if they like them.

      But indeed, although the author is a German – this is more or less what I was trying to say (obviously unsuccessfully).

      I could handle the omission of the Scottish advocate, but not necessarily the rest.

      Of course, the book does have labels, thus zusammenfassen is summarise (BE), summarize (AE) (it drives me mad how these dictionaries spread the myth that you can’t use ‘ize’ in BE). But for non-spelling differences, e.g. einen Antrag zur

  7. hello, this hatherwood cheddar vintage reserve was the best chreamy cheddar I’ve eaten. But Lidl offer is gone: Who can tell me where I can order this chreamy cheddar now? My email:
    By the way: Lidl can create not a German week – it more can be better a German year.
    Best regards to all fans of British food.

    • When did you get it? This entry was in June 2009. But I definitely got some three or four weeks ago, in September 2010. I also got some cod in batter. I assume they have this British food a couple of times a week. There is quite a lot of that sort of Cheddar in the UK, but the selection you get in Germany is more limited.
      You have to keeplooking for a Britische Woche at It looks as if they had one in January 2010 and another one in July 2010, and the cheese I got was left over from that.

      • Lidl has its British week now in the Netherlands. I’l certainly get some of their Cheddar reading the positive comments here.
        I will also try some of their Ales:Cumberland, Hobgoblin, Pedigree, Old Thumper, Oxford Gold, Bank

  8. I had heard from a friend about your British Week in Lidl and I must say I was very impressed. The Hatherwood firm goods are excellent quality. I hope that you will have this special British Week more often in the year for us.

      • I suppose there is a distant possibility that Lidl will read this. On the other hand, Cadbury’s has just been bought up (by Lindt?). And I would like to say that when I have bought Cadbury’s milk chocolate in Germany in the past – this was quite a while ago – it was made in Benelux somewhere and had (even) more sugar than normal Cadbury’s, so it didn’t taste very good.

  9. We would like to request on your next British Week if you could get CADBURYS CHOCOLATE for us. When we are down in the Canary Islands on holiday all the supermarkets are full with Cadburys chocolate and of course my suitcase is loaded with chocolate to bring back as it is a very delicious chocolate to eat. Please bring us Cadburys chocolate.

  10. Can you please try and get for us Tea Biscuits and Digestive Biscuits that are very good to each with your tea and of course the range from Club Chocolate Biscuits?

    Thank you, we are living in hope.

      • Big gap since the last post on this subject but have just finished my jar of Hatherwood marmalade and moved onto the orange, lemon and ginger marmalade which is good but not as nice. Purchased in Mirambeau in France in what must have been a ‘British’ week a while ago as a taster however nothing left of this range of products this week, which is a disappointment.

        Will have to visit Lidl on a more regular basis!

  11. bought hatherwoods blackcurrant jam from Lidl in crete. the best jam i have ever tasted full of fruit. Unfortunately never seen it since is it possible to deliver it to Lidl in crete?

    • Here in Germany they have a British week about twice a year, and apart from that I never see it, and I don’t think the jam is always there.
      There is Lidl in the UK too but whether they regularly have Hatherwood jam I don’t know.

  12. From what I remember when I was young.Hatherwoods was a great brand of goods popular with the richer people in Britain.I am now 69 and the few times I see Hatherwoods items in Lidl here in Mallorca I snap them up .Great quality stuff.Scampi,Jams chocolate crisps and snacks all great .Not sure where all is produced now but PLEASE send us more Lidl.

  13. Would like to know how I can find the orange, lemon & ginger marmalade from Hatherwood. It was sold at Lidl Holland last year. But not this year. Where can I find it again? It was so good. Hope to find it again. Thanks.

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