Fritzl book for Father’s Day?

The shops in England are full of displays for Father’s Day.

The Independent, in Fritzl: a perfect gift for Father’s Day, say Tesco and WH Smith, reports that some retailers had the book The Crimes of Josef Fritzl in their Father’s Day displays:

But to some branches of Tesco and W H Smith, The Crimes of Josef Fritzl: Uncovering the Truth seemed a surefire hit for the Dad market. The book, which details how the Austrian, now 74, imprisoned his daughter Elisabeth in his cellar for 24 years, repeatedly raping her and fathering her seven children, has featured as a Father’s Day promotion.

One amazon reviewer writes:

And that’s the terrifying part, you really start to understand the dysfunctional family dynamics. Dynamics that started way before Elizabeth, that were born out of the atrocities of Nazi Austria and his horrifying one-eyed mother. This is a really great read.

One Tesco shop apparently had to think twice before removing the book from the display.

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