This is a mysterious ad from the current version of the booklet announcing the BDÜ September translation conference in Berlin:

Weird. This is the best I can do for the most common pronunciation:
sım baı ‘ǝʊs ıs

The o sound in the third syllable is a bit different in the US. The second syllable suggestion is less common than mine, and the schwa in the last syllable is recorded as non-RP British in the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary.

Mind you, their use of an o indicates they are not using the IPA. I am open to correction!

10 thoughts on “Symbiosis

    • Of course, you must be right. But I still can’t believe the schwa.
      What do you think of the pronunciation? Do you pronounce the ‘bi’ that way?

        • It would be so easy for them to link to the pronunciation of schwa rather than of the word ‘schwa’, but they describe it like your ‘abut’:

          ‘the mid-central, neutral vowel sound typically occurring in unstressed syllables in English, however spelled, as the sound of a in alone and sofa, e in system, i in easily, o in gallop, u in circus.’

  1. You mentioned your own English translation of the Zivilprozessordnung. Do you know whether there is any translation available in www?

    • Thanks, anon, very kind of you to take the time to advise me.

      Unfortunately my German is even worse than my English, possibly because I had twelve years of English first.

      What can I do? Stop writing?

    • Yes, thanks, and it’s missing from my links, but I usually use – the Centre for German Legal Information, which has a bigger collection and can be searched alphabetically. And it contains the juris translations too.

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