1. Adorno’s Minima Moralia in a translation by Dennis Redmond is online (tweeted by NOVALanguages).

2. LinkedIn wanted translators to work for it for free, basically. Some translators on Twitter (especially Matthew Bennett and Chris Irwin) took this up, and this led to an article in the New York Times. (See ProZ thread)

3. The book Jurists Uprooted: German-Speaking Emigré Lawyers in Twentieth Century Britain: German-Speaking Emigre Lawyers in Twentieth Century Britain edited by Jack Beatson and Reinhold Zimmermann appeared in 2004. At amazon, it’s possible to see the table of contents. There’s now a 30-page review by Vivian Grosswald Curran of the University of Pittsburgh School of Lawthat can be downloaded as a PDF file and is very informative on the contents (the book isn’t cheap) (via Legal History Blog)

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