The best job in the world/Der beste Job der Welt

When Tourism Queensland were narrowing down their search for an Islands Caretaker – described as the best job in the world – it made the Nürnberger Nachrichten, as a woman from Nürnberg was on the shortlist.

It was won by Ben Southall from the UK Deutsch English.

Ben’s video can be seen at YouTube.

So can the video of another applicant, Osama.

5 thoughts on “The best job in the world/Der beste Job der Welt

  1. I am glad that Ben Southall won the contest (loved his video) but i heard that he is already bored.
    I am sure that he will spend the 70 000 pounds earned on another wacky expedition…maybe to the North Pole to cool down a little after 6 months of heat.

  2. Sounds to me like he needs to start with an intensive course focusing only on pronunciation.

    He should be reading material that’s of interest to him – and not just what he thinks he ought to be reading – for at least twenty minutes at the same time every day, with a dictionary close to hand.

    He also needs to understand about how he learns as an individual, and be aware of his reasons for improving his English. Clear, realistic aims would also be beneficial.

  3. We have bad English-speaker politicians in France too, but they don’t even make efforts to improve…
    You may have this video of our former prime minister
    Well, about 95% of our politicians are like this.
    Anyway, you should feel happy or at least not ashamed that your guys really do efforts to be better English speakers :) I wish him good luck.

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