German bread/Deutsches Brot

Toytown Germany have been discussing German food and whether it is anything to write home about.

I eat German food, sure, I live here, and I don’t not enjoy it, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever eaten much that I don’t like. My favourite dish is just simple old roast pork with beer sauce and whacking great potato dumplings, but quite honestly, apart from that and weisswurst, there is little that I’d “write home about”. Oh, and the bread? The bread can go fuck itself. Hamster food bound together with brown cement, with more hamster food tipped on top, then a shitload of caraway seeds. Gimme a fresh baguette instead.

As for the bread, the beauty of German bread is that if you don’t want to eat it, which I don’t, you can always use it as a beer mat!

There is some excellent bread around, in specialist bakers, if you can avoid (or if you like) the sometimes medicinal combinations of added seeds (caraway is referred to above). Within Germany there’s some criticism of standard bread mixes that many bakeries buy ready-made-up and sometimes rather old. I tend to eat the bread if it tastes good.

But nowadays I always ask if the multi-grain loaf contains sunflower seeds. One baker’s near here that used to be good has no heavier bread that isn’t full of them. If I have to have foreign bodies in my bread, I will go for the ciabatta with peperoni or olives.

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